Provide children with opportunities to eat new and disliked foods. It might take time for them to learn to like different flavours so keep offering.

eat - lime & lemon

  1. Continue to offer the foods at meal and snack times. Don’t stop buying and serving fruit and vegetables just because they are not liked immediately. To reduce waste, use frozen or tinned fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh. Use the exposure monitor tool to help you keep track of when and how a food is offered.

  2. Offer the same food in different ways. For example, raw carrot is fun not only as sticks (great for dipping) but also grated.

  3. Be a good role model. Seeing you eating and enjoying a food can lessen the extent to which a child is wary of it.

  4. Make it fun. Try chopping fruit and vegetables into faces or shapes, use them to make your own juices or healthy lollies.