Common feeding pitfalls

Find out about the most common feeding pitfalls and learn WHAT they are, WHY they occur, and WHAT TO DO to avoid them.

Feeding difficulties in children are very common. In fact, behaviours such as refusing new foods are a normal stage of a child's development. However, many parents are unaware of this and feel that their child is just being 'fussy'.

The way that parents manage mealtimes and the use of rules around food can have a large influence on how children behave and what foods they will and will not eat.

What can I do?

By understanding how your own behaviour can influence feeding, and by learning strategies to encourage healthy eating, you will be empowered to confidently and positively manage your child's eating behaviour in order for them to enjoy a healthy and varied diet that will help to promote good health for life.

The most common feeding pitfalls

Below are the most common feeding difficulties reported by parents and professionals conducting research into parenting around mealtimes. In each section you will find an educational description of the behaviour, an explanation of why the behaviour is problematic, and suggestions for how to improve the behaviour.

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