Health professionals

Welcome to the Child Feeding Guide digital support resource.

Our online course is moving to a new platform so is temporarily unavailable for new users. Email us to be notified when it's ready for new sign-ups.

The Child Feeding Guide provides information about common feeding pitfalls experienced by parents.  As a health professional, you can use this information to help you to support families who might be experiencing problems.

The Child Feeding Guide also shares an array of effective tips and tools which can be used by parents to promote healthy eating in their children.  You can refer to these for suggested changes and activities which families who you are working with might consider using.

The Child Feeding Guide also has an option for users to create a profile and complete some initial assessments.  You might find it useful to encourage families that you work with to complete these to help you monitor progress.

In addition, our newly launched online training for health professionals is available to support you with helping the families you work with who might be experiencing problems with fussy eating or children eating a limited selection of foods.  This training includes interactive activities and tests of your knowledge.

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Download a flyer to share with families that you work with here.