Child Feeding Guide

Effective, credible support and information for parents, caregivers and professionals.

Developed by academic psychologists, the Child Feeding Guide is a website, web app and online training courses.  The aim of these resources is to provide effective, evidence-based support to parents, caregivers, and professionals around feeding children.

Launched in 2012, and updated in 2018, the Child Feeding Guide has more than 100,000 users. It is shared by the NHS, as part of its Information Service for Parents, and is supported and endorsed by a range of professional groups. The Child Feeding Guide has an active social media presence, the team regularly contribute blogs and articles or appear on radio and TV, and ensure that the information in the Child Feeding Guide digital resources reflects current evidence.

Whether you are a parent or caregiver who wants information and support about feeding children, a health professional who wants to help the families who you work with to promote children's healthy eating behaviours, or a childcare professional who wants to ensure that the children you work with eat a healthy, varied diet, the Child Feeding Guide resources are here to support you.