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Fabulous, I have waited a long time for something like this!

Health professional

You've got all the information and it's all in one place


I really like the Why something is happening...I think that is really good

Parent, referring to the feeding pitfalls section

The best feature is the tips - I didn't realise how much I used food as a reward so these have been great to change that

Parent of preschooler

Innovative thinking! This is an excellent resource tool and parents can access information via the internet - this info is credible and accurate

Health professional

I think the fact that a Mum can use it on her own probably helps her reflect and be honest with how the parents behave at mealtimes which sometimes they may be reluctant to say to a health professional

Health professional

We love this website compiled by researchers at Loughborough University. It's full of practical tips and tools to help deal with fussy eaters. A fantastic resource for parents and Early Years workers alike!

Mairi McLachlan, nutritionist, High Five for Fruit

Makes you aware of how your own eating behaviours may be inadvertently affecting your child