Online training course

This CPD UK accredited training course is an opportunity for childcare professionals to learn about ways to help promote healthy eating in young children.

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This new online training course aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of child eating behaviour and caregiver feeding practices in order to help childcare professionals to better understand how to feed children in their care and how they can support parents with feeding their children.

Presented in an easy to use format, with a mixture of text and videos, this training shares the current research and scientific knowledge around child feeding and helps learners to understand the psychology underpinning many feeding and eating problems.  The course is interactive, offering learners time to think about their own experiences and some case study examples, and learning is assessed by quizzes and reflective activities which test both knowledge and practical application.

The training typically takes 2-3 hours to complete (although it can be done in stages) and learners will benefit not only from an increased understanding of child feeding, but will also gain a number of practical tips and strategies to help promote healthy eating in young children in their care, and to share with families.

The online course is moving to a new platform so is temporarily unavailable for new users. Email us to be notified when it's ready for new sign-ups.

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