Often at around 3pm.

Trigger: Your child may get hungry around this time and then request unhealthy snack foods.

Action: Try to anticipate this and give them a healthy snack before their hunger gets too strong.

In the pushchair.

Trigger: Are you offering food to keep your child from getting bored or to keep them quiet?

Action: Consider other ways of keeping them entertained, rather than using unhealthy snack food or drinks. If your child is truly hungry or thirsty, offer a healthy snack or drink of water.

Because there are unhealthy foods in the kitchen cupboards.

Trigger: Does your child request unhealthy snack foods when they see them in the cupboards?

Action: Try limiting what unhealthy foods you have at home so that your child is not exposed to them. What you do not have, you cannot give.


Trigger: Do you tend to give your child unhealthy foods when you are short on time?

Action: Try to avoid going into fast-food outlets and explore other alternatives that are quick and easy. For example, frozen vegetables take only 2-3 minutes to cook and tinned fruit takes just seconds!

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