children eating food

Tips & tools

Advice tends to be most useful when it comes with practical tips and tools on how to use it in everyday life. As well as the action points given for the Common Feeding Pitfalls, we have also developed some practical tips and an interactive tool to help parents put the advice into practice.

In this section you will find Tips with practical guidance on how to improve fruit and vegetable intake and ways to reward your child without using food.

You will also find:

  1. The Exposure Monitor Tool - a simple interactive tool that allows you to track how many times you have offered a food to your child and to monitor your child's acceptance and liking. This tool can be used to track lots of different foods and can be used for more than one child.
  2. The What, Where, When, & Why Awareness Exercise - a simple monitoring exercise that you can do that will increase your awareness of how food may be being used in ways that are promoting unhealthy eating behaviours.

Please note: The Exposure Monitor tool works with the information that you provide and so it is unique to you. In order for the tool to remember your information every time you use it, you will need to create a profile by registering and then logging-in when you want to use it.

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