child eating breadsticks

What help do I need?

It is natural to worry if your child is not eating. Feeding problems can vary from the very mild to the very severe. Both can be extremely stressful for the parent and the child.

The type of help that you might need will be related to how severe the problem is.

Symptoms of feeding difficulties and signs of improvement can be seen not only by looking at what and how much the child is eating, but also by how happy the child is at mealtimes and whether mealtimes are stressful. Often parents are unable to see when their child's eating behaviour is improving, and so monitoring the mealtime experience can be useful.

This section contains three tools that allow you to assess and monitor your child's feeding difficulties.

You can:

  1. Create a personalised profile in order use the monitoring tools outlined below and track progress over time. In addition, creation of a profile enables you to use our Exposure Monitor - another tool that logs experiences at mealtimes over a period of time and can help parents to increase their child's liking of rejected foods.
  2. Assess how severe your child's feeding problem is by completing the Feeding Assessment Questionnaire. You will be alerted if your responses indicate that you and your child may require the support of a medical professional.
  3. Monitor your feelings around mealtimes by completing the Parent Well-Being Ratings.
  4. Monitor your child's feelings around mealtimes by completing the Child Well-Being Ratings.
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