The Child Feeding Guide has been very well received by parents/caregivers and professionals. 

Here is some of the feedback that we've had about the Child Feeding Guide from parents/caregivers, childcare staff, and health professionals:

"You've got all the information and it's all in one place." [parent/caregiver]

"I really like the Why something is happening...I think that is really good." [parent/caregiver, referring to the feeding pitfalls section]

"Makes you aware of how your own eating behaviours may be inadvertently affecting your child." [parent/caregiver]

"The best feature is the tips - I didn't realise how much I used food as a reward so these have been great to change that." [parent/caregiver]

"I feel I can take back what I have learnt today and use this within my setting." [childcare professional]

"I think it is well written - nice and short but informative. You can explore and progress." [health professional]

"I think the fact that a mum can use it on her own probably helps her reflect and be honest with how the parents behave at mealtimes which sometimes they may be reluctant to say to a health professional." [health professional]

"Innovative thinking!  This is an excellent resource tool when so parents can access information via the internet - this info is credible and accurate" [health professional]

"I think it's a really good resource and I'm sure I will be recommending it to families. As I get more familiar with it I think I would use it as a tool between health visitor visits to reinforce advice and keep parents motivated." [health professional]

"Fabulous, I have waited a long time for something like this!" [health professional]


Feedback on our workshops can be found in the 'training and workshops' section. 

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