Recommended sites 

We work with lots of lovely people whose websites you might find it useful or interesting to visit: 

NHS / Start4Life Information Service for Parents

Our Child Feeding Guide website is shared as part of this free email service from the NHS which sends you age-relevant information covering a wide range of issues, including: how a baby develops, healthy lifestyle advice, breastfeeding, immunisations, common childhood illnesses, and what to look for when arranging childcare.  You can sign up for the emails here:

The British Heart Foundation

Offering lots of excellent advice on how to keep your whole family healthy.  Their free resources include 'physical activity for the early years' - offering tips and ideas for parents and carers on encouraging their under 5 year olds to be active every day.

Riverside Cares

Providing childcare services for families (including nannying, child minders, babysitters and professional childcare staff), Riverside Cares also offer a range of training about raising healthy children, including working with us on 'Feed Your Children Well' events.

Dr Jo Helcké

Local pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert Jo Helcké offers classes around Leicestershire.  She also has online courses to help parents stay in shape and has a forum featuring guest experts, on which we regularly feature to answer all your child feeding questions.


We have also recently discovered this site, which might be of interest:

Nutritionist Resource 

Full of information on various nutrition topics, like lunch box ideas and healthy eating, this site also lists professional nutritionists in your local area.

Mums meet up

Connecting mums locally and across the UK.


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